Creating membership cards: the benefits

Foundations, clubs and associations all rely on members. A membership card or club card is essential. There are several advantages to membership cards:

  • A membership card provides visual identification, for example at the cash register of a swimming pool.
  • A membership card creates extra involvement with the association, foundation or club.
  • With a membership card, your association, foundation or club remains visible to your members.
  • A membership card is easy to link to a registration system; This way you can continue to offer members direct benefits.

Personalized pass

Have membership passes made for your association, foundation or club, then everything starts with a blank pass. You can then have it adjusted entirely to your wishes. A personalized card offers extra ease of use and helps to really stay on top of mind with your members. What is possible with a personalized pass?

Have a personalized card printed

At Cards Unlimited you can have your personalized card printed as desired in, for example, corporate identity colors, with logo, name and address details and more. This way, your membership cards are easily recognizable and contribute to the visibility of your club.

Choice of materials

You can of course print standard plastic cards. Printing plastic cards is still a popular choice for many associations, foundations or clubs. Plastic cards are affordable in price and familiar to many people. At Cards Unlimited you can also print PVC cards; a commonly used type of plastic. If you have PCV cards printed with us, you are choosing a high-quality material. Would you prefer something more sustainable than printing plastic cards? You can also choose environmentally friendly materials from us, such as FSC board cardboard, bio-PE, bio-PVC or elephant grass.


At Cards Unlimited we can add the desired technology to your personalized card. Consider, for example, an RFID card, a technology that offers a solution for payment or registration. An RFID card can give your members easy access to your club, or can be a means of payment in the canteen. Would you rather not have an RFID card but cards with a barcode? We can also produce these for you, personalized. 

Database management

At Cards Unlimited you can outsource your database management for an always up-to-date customer base. For example, we can also arrange that new members immediately receive a letter with the personalized pass after registration.

The wrap-up: outsourcing fulfillment

Are your membership cards ready? You can also count on us for the final steps. You can outsource card fulfillment to Cards Unlimited. Consider sticking gift cards on card carriers and sending cards to your customers. Almost (anything) is possible, so please contact us if you have any questions. Our specialists have years of experience in the world of fitting and can provide you with personal advice. It is not without reason that we are the market leader in the field of gift cards, membership cards and customer cards. And: we do everything in-house, which guarantees fast delivery times and competitive prices.


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