The loyalty card seemed passé for a while, but in 2017 it is completely hip and happening again. The fact that the Dutch love loyalty programs became clear when HEMA introduced a loyalty card this year. Just three weeks later it already had 1 million members. What does HEMA gain from this and what are the benefits of a customer card for your organization? You can read it in this article.

Another extra pass?

Does my customer want another extra plastic card in their wallet? The answer is a resounding: Yes. You can also opt for a digital customer card in the form of an app. Such an app and a physical customer card can work well together, so that your customer can choose. But guess what? At HEMA, no fewer than two-thirds of members opt for the plastic card!

Get to know your customer with a customer card.

Really get to know your customer with the data you collect via a customer card. Let that CRM fill up with valuable data! This way you can see exactly who buys what, where and how often. You learn to understand the customer better and discover personal preferences and interests. You can then advertise more specifically, manage stock better and adjust the range to your customer’s wishes. Win win!

Personal relationship with the customer

Met alle gegevens bij de hand kunt u de klant persoonlijk benaderen. Door ze bij hun naam te noemen in de winkel of korting te geven op hun favoriete product bijvoorbeeld. Verras de klant met een kortingscode of cadeautje op zijn of haar verjaardag. Zo voelt de klant zich gewaardeerd en verbonden aan uw bedrijf.

Challenge the customer to buy more

With all the information at hand, you can approach the customer personally. By calling them by name in the store or offering a discount on their favorite product, for example. Surprise the customer with a discount code or gift on his or her birthday. This way the customer feels valued and connected to your company.

Loyalty card increases loyalty

Ultimately, this is what it all comes down to: customers come back. Because they love exclusive discounts, savings promotions and extra services. Your customer feels appreciated and even a little special because of the nice extras. So no reason to go to the competitor!

Curious about the possibilities of a customer card?

Keep an eye on our blog for more interesting articles. Be surprised by the possibilities, because there is always a loyalty card that suits you! Please feel free to contact us for more information. We are the market leader in the field of loyalty cards and are happy to think along with you.